Irrigation Wells

Construction Process

1.  Estimate delivered and accepted

2.  Test hole is drilled, depth and expected yield are agreed upon

3.  Permit is applied for, all you have to do is sign

4.  Well is drilled, cased with 16″ PVC casing, and gravel packed.  We won’t stop until the hole is completely packed

5.  New well is sandbucketed, developed, and test pumped with our equipment

6.  Earthen pit is filled in and concrete pad is formed and poured

7.  New well is registered with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources


  • $55.00 a foot for drilling over 200 ft, $60.00 a foot for drilling under 200 ft, casing, packing, piping water, and one test hole.  Additional testholes are $2.50 a foot

  • Earthen pit excavation and backfill is $500

  • Test pump and develop well is $1000

  • 7 x 14 concrete pad is $750, 6 x 6 is $500.  We will gladly form the pad free of charge if you wish to pour the concrete yourself.

  • Permit and registration fee is $250

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