Established in May 2003, Husker Drilling & Irrigation Inc. provides turn-key services for irrigation, domestic, and stockwell use.  Dennis started out with a 10 ton Smeal pumphoist, and he quickly purchased a Failing CFD-1 rotary drilling rig for small diameter work; then he purchased an RV-6 Portadrill for the irrigation work.

Dennis has been on or around drilling rigs and pumpsetters since graduating from high school in 1991.  He learned from his Uncle Gene and cousin Jerry Jameson much of what he practices today.  Gene and Jerry taught him much of the technical abilities and business skills that he uses, but more importantly, they emphasized fair treatment of others and 100% honesty.  He enjoyed the work with his family enough that during a 6 year enlistment in the US Army, he would spend his 30 days/year of leave back in Amherst working with his family.

Now Dennis and Angela own and operate Husker Drilling & Irrigation Inc. in Ansley, Nebraska.  The business boasts all of the necessary tooling to construct or service most of the wells and pumps in greater central Nebraska.  When you call Husker Drilling & Irrigation, you are hiring people that have drilled hundreds of wells, and serviced countless pumps since 1991.